Ribnica Self-Catering Accommodation

The Ribnica Self-Catering Accommodation is located in the immediate vicinity of the Ribnica na Pohorju Ski Slopes, via the Ribniška Koča Ski Resort, and only a stone's throw from Ribnica na Pohorju village centre. The accommodation serves as an excellent starting point for cycling or hiking. Access to the accommodation is via Ribnica na Pohorju village centre.

The interior of the suites was selected in accordance with the surrounding natural environment. The suites have a common ski or bicycle storage room for up to 15 bicycles. The accommodation can be easily reached by car, and a car park is available in front of the accommodation buildings.

An entertainment venue, The Ribnica na Pohorju Restaurant, a picnic area, a children's play area, the Smučar Bar venue, the Sitar Wellness Centre, and the Sitar Winery are available to guests.