Sports Climbing

In the Topla Nature Park under Mt. Peca you can find the green Burjakove peči climbing area, which is one of the tallest and best rock climbing areas in Slovenia. The wall faces southeast and is situated 850m above sea level, which means that you can not only enjoy peace and quiet, but also be able to climb when most of other climbing areas are heated by the sun!

Rating: 4a–4c (3), 5a–5c (6), 6a–6b+ (28), 6c–7a+ (22), 7b–7c+ (19), 8a–9b (13)

The most appropriate time: from April to October

Type of wedges: glue-in bolts and drilled bolts

Access: possible with vehicles, there is a parking lot under the wall 

Access time from the parking lot: 1-10 min walk

Route altitude: 6-50m

The Burjakove peči climbing area is situated in the Geopark Karavanke, assisted by UNESCO (, and in the Topla Nature Park protected as a landscape park so you have to follow the rules of the protected area.

There are some other very good climbing areas: Matvoz in Javorje, Štenge above Mežica, Kot above Prevalje, Votla peč near Ravne na Koroškem, Zabričnikova peč, climbing area Sele and Kalvarija, Perkolica and Prepihova dolina near Radljah ob Dravi.


If you love huge rocks thrown all around the valleys and forests, then Koroška is the right place for you to release your adventurous spirit!

The boulders in Topla are situated only two kilometres before the Burjakove peči climbing area. Numerous boulders in Ožbalt village also offer a special pleasure and challenge, as this is one of the few places in Slovenia for igneous rock climbing.