Koroška boasts in a vast network of pre-existing less-used roads, forest roads, and paths. Together with the increasing number of bicycle trails, many opportunities for cycling have become available, mountain biking in particular, where you can experience a unique landscape between the Alps and the River Drava. In the Bicycle Routes section, you can browse through our suggestions for various cycling and adrenaline adventures.

From early spring and up to the beginning of autumn, several yearly cycling events take place around Koroška.

April: SG MTBO, a mountain-bike orienteering race.
April: a mountain-bike race and a hike to Partizanski Dom Kope Mountain Lodge.
May: Cycling around Ravne, a recreational cycling event.
June: Ravne na Koroškem XC, a cross-country race for youth riders.
July: Black Hole Bike Fest, a multi-day mountain bike festival.
August: Two Countries Marathon, a competitive recreational event along the asphalt-covered roads of Austria and Slovenia.
September: Krejan Memorial Race, a competitive recreational mountain bike event.
September: Cycling around the Uršlja Gora Mountain, a recreational cycling event.

A vast network of specialised bicycle workshops ensures you will get full support in all three valleys of Koroška.

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  • Enduro, d.o.o.
  • Pohorc, Robert Šumah, s. p.
  • Gorko, d.o.o.
  • Bike Shop Radlje, Širnik Gvido, s. p.


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