Mountainbike Park Peca
Slovenia’s first mountain bike park comprehends the labyrinth of –either way, marked on the ground or marked on maps–, forest paths and cart tracks, suitable for mountain biking, leading through and between the valleys or to and around the mountains. There is an additional unique attraction. Mountain bikes were built to ride mountains, but here you can even drive through the mountain – through the abandoned mysterious mining tunnels of the Mt. Peca/Petzen, deep beneath the ground. 

Mountainbike Park Peca is located within the crossborder UNESCO Karavanke/Karawanken Geopark.
Underground Biking

More than five kilometres long and unique underground bike trail from one valley to the other, where you can ride your bike, accompanied by a guide and in the glow of your headlamp. The trail runs through secure tunnels of the abandoned mine and rises for only about 15 meters. 
Single Trail Park Jamnica

Set in forests and pastures with magnificent views. More than 20 km of maintained trails are intended for safe enjoyment mainly with “all mountain” and enduro bikes. Within the park you can opt for gentle flow trails or you can choose trails with difficult technical sections, thereby gaining experience for later exploits on longer tours. The trails are linked to each other by a special bike path built exclusively for an easier return to the summit. (9 all mountain & enduro trails / 17 km marked single trails / more than 30 km single trails on guided day tours)
Flow Trail Petzen

Up the mountain Petzen/Peca with the lift or following the gravel road and down on 12 kilometers long descent on the longest Flow Trail in Europe. With the maximum gradient up to 5 % it is suitable for the MTB experts, as well as for less experienced mountainbikers and beginners.

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