Peca Mountain Bike Park
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The first mountain bike park in Slovenia offers:
  • A labyrinth of more than 300km of marked forest roads and dirt roads, as well as those that are suitable for cycling in the hills and mountains above the Mežiška dolina Valley;
  • Riding a mountain bike in the centre of Mt. Peca – the unique experience of riding along abandoned galleries with head lights accompanied by a guide;
  • Riding a mountain bike along the paths at Jamnica Single Trail Park – enjoy the ride along the paths in the vicinity of a hotel specialized in hosting cyclists;
  •  Peca Flow Trail – ascend the mountain in a mountain gondola or on a gravel road and descend on a so-called 'flow trail' that is 12km long.
The mountain bike park is situated in the area of the Geopark Karavanke, a UNESCO assisted Geopark (