The Pohorska Transverzala Trail

If you like non-asphalt roads, there is a 75 km long, diverse bike trail in the forests of Pohorje that runs mostly along the ridges of Pohorje and connects the eastern Maribor part with the western Koroška part. The trail is marked in both directions (PT sing) and is connected to numerous local bike trails or forest roads that lead to all the major centres around Pohorje.

The temperatures are pleasant and the fresh mountain air guarantees pleasure while discovering the countless attractions. Beside a dense network of forest roads and paths, Pohorje is hiding numerous bogs and plains, streams with waterfalls and other pearls of nature. Get on your bike and soak them up.

Pohorje Cycling Map (pdf)

Photo: Zavod za turizem Maribor-Pohorje (Aleš Fevžer),