Moutain Bike Trail around Mt. Uršlja gora

The mountain bike trail leads along the local forest and macadam roads that connect the small villages and farms scattered around the mountain Uršlja gora. The trail runs in the shadows of spruce forests, on sunny alpine mountains, past a number of viewpoints, tourist farms, mountain cabins, isolated farms and rural villages. You can also choose the shorter route, which runs partly on a forest path.  

The starting point is at Ivarčko lake, a popular recreation and tourist centre above Ravne na Koroškem. The longer, 40 km trail is well markedwith metal signs with a green symbol of a bicycle. The shorter, 25 km trail is not particularly marked, except in parts where it runs on the longer trail.

A tip for these forest paths: they say the plants and animals can feel if you come to them with bad intentions. But they can also feel if you have come to enjoy in their beauty.