Club 24 – Koroška Mountain Challenge
The Koroška mountain challenge is an 80 km long route featuring ascents on the five highest peaks in Koroška – Uršlja gora (1699 m), Smrekovec (1577 m), Raduha (2062 m), Olševa (1930 m) and Peca (2125 m). The most endurable and adventurous mountaineers who complete the trail in less than 24 hours become the members of the Club 24. Even if you are not an extreme athlete, it is worth climbing these peaks. We recommend that you climb and experience them on a several day tour or in the form of individual ascents.

The trail runs through a network of mountain trails marked with red-white "Knafelč" sign.
  • K 24 elevation profile
    K 24 elevation profile
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