Forest and Tourist Trail Plešivec

The forest and tourist trail Plešivec (12km, circular, easy) runs under the mighty dome of forests, past meadows, pastures and a few huts that allow rest and refreshment. It is leading along the hillsides of the prominent Mt. Uršlja gora (another name for Mt. Plešivec), through the picturesque Kaštel gorge and past the restored Plešivški mlin mill. 

The hiking trail begins at the Balek-Suhodolnik inn in Suhi Dol. After the first three kilometres of leisurely walk uphill the picturesque gorge Kaštel, an idyllic valley opens. Next to the road you can see the Plešivski mill and a wetland and about a kilometre ahead, there are the remnants of the once mighty Plešivski court. The highest point of the route is Verneršek farm at an altitude of 1100 m. After a pretty steep slope, the trail descends through a beech and spruce forest past the ruins of the former farmhouse of Herman Potočnik's (Noordung) parents, the first Slovenian rocket engineer, and returns to the starting point (the description of the trail was summed up according to the website of Entrepreneurship Centre Slovenj Gradec, where you can find some useful advice).

The trail is marked with wooden signs labelled with GTP as well as information boards in Slovene and English. A suitable mountaineering equipment is welcome. 

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