Theme Hiking Trail Kope
A part of the hiking trail between the Kope Mountain Resort and the Ribnica na Pohorju Mountain Lodge has been set up as an interpretive hiking trail. Information on specific features of the Pohorje Hills can now be found along the popular hiking trail. The trail extends around 5 kilometres, being suitable for families with young children as well as for the elderly because of the mostly flat terrain.
The Ribnica na Pohorju Mountain Lodge as well as the Kope Mountain Resort are both good starting points for hiking the trail. At the Kope Mountain Resort information centre the trail is complemented with an up-to-date multimedia presentation of the Pohorje Hills, with an actual bark-covered dwelling standing in front of it; the type of dwelling which once housed foresters working in the Pohorje Hills forests. It is also worth hiking a little further from the Ribnica na Pohorju Mountain Lodge and visiting Lake Ribnica na Pohorju.

A still lake glistened on top of Mt. Plešivec, which we call the Uršlja Gora Mountain now. In it lived Jezernik, a kind water man who liked to help the locals. When St. Ursula's Church was built by the lake, the ringing of its bells disturbed Jezernik's peace. Day by day, a farmer called Plešivčnik curiously watched how tired and sweaty his two oxen lay in the stable. After a week or so, the farmer found a sack of gold coins in the hayrack, and the next day the oxen were well rested. At the next Sunday mass, some men were talking about the lake on the Uršlja Gora Mountain having disappeared, and about a new one having been formed on the Pohorje Hills. Plešivčnik knew it right away: Jezernik used his oxen to carry the water from the lake to its new spot. After the lake being moved, Jezernik has not been seen again but there are signs that he still lives in Lake Ribnica na Pohorju.

This is how the tale goes. How was the lake really formed? Take a walk to the lake following Theme Hiking Trail Kope and find out!

Theme Hiking Trail Kope - map and leaflet