River Fishing

The density of the hydrographic network of alpine rivers and streams, the growing care for preserving water quality, as well as the tradition of protecting, farming, and catching fish offer good conditions for freshwater fishing in Koroška. You can catch brown trout, grayling, rainbow trout, common carp, chub, common barbel, pike, wels catfish, huchen, and other types of fish. Commercial fishing is possible in the Drava, the Meža, the Mislinja, and the Suhodolnica rivers. Detailed descriptions of fishing conditions and regimes can be found on the Ribiške Karte web portal.

Fishing licences can be bought at the Koroška Ribiška Družina Fishing Society (covering the River Drava from the Austrian border to Vuzenica, as well as the Meža and the Mislinja rivers); at the Ribiška Družina Radlje ob Dravi Fishing Society (covering the River Drava from Vuzenica downstream), or you can purchase fishing licences online.

Contact Information:

Koroška Ribiška Družina Fishing Society: the River Drava (from the Austrian border to Vuzenica); the River Meža; the River Mislinja

E: koroska.ribiska.druzina@amis.net
I: http://home.amis.net/koroskar
I: http://www.ribiskekarte.si/rd-koroska (Online purchase of fishing licences)

Ribiška Družina Radlje ob Dravi Fishing Society: the River Drava (from Vuzenica downstream)
T:+386(2)88 71 035
E: info@rdradlje.si
I: http://www.rdradlje.si/