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Swimming Pools

  • Water Park Radlje ob Dravi
  • Outdoor swimming pool Ravne na Koroškem
  • Outdoor swimming pool Slovenj Gradec

For people who want to refresh in the nature and for all those who are dreaming of swimming among water lilies, the Water Park Radlje is the right choice to visit. In the vicinity of the park you can also find Glamping Lodges Green Resort, Motorhome Stopover, an adventure park, cycling park and other green sports facilities ideal for adventurers and for those who like outdoor activities.   


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Ravne's sports complex offers a wide range of sports activities thanks to modern sport and recreational centre, where you can train or participate in different kinds of sports in one place (within radius of 500 meters). During summer months, swimming and swimming schools are held in the outdoor Olympic-sized swimming pool.
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The Slovenj Gradec outdoor Swimming Pool is located on Kopališka ulica 17, by the river Mislinja. Within the location  there are 2 swimming pools, larger sizes 25 x 12 m and smaller 12 x 6 m. Visitors can also enjoy a beach volleyball court and a restaurant with refreshments and food. Throughout the summer season, rich program of accompanying activities is available.
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