Dr. Ljuba Prenner, a famous Slovenian lawyer and writer, was born in 1906 in Fara, near Prevalje, and spent her childhood years in Prevalje, Ruše, and Slovenj Gradec. After graduating from general upper-secondary school, she studied at the Faculty of Law and finished her studies in 1936. In 1941, she earned her Doctorate in Law and started her law practice in 1942. Prenner was imprisoned several times, both during and after the war. In 1947, she was disbarred from practicing law for seven years, until 1954.

Dr. Ljuba Prenner wrote the first Slovenian crime novel called Unknown Perpetrator ("Neznani Storilec"), published in 1939. In 1942, Prenner's comedy The Great Man ("Veliki Mož") was staged by the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana. After the war, she was expelled from the Slovene Writers' Association, and was only re-instated before her death in 1976. In 1960 Prenner met Marija Mrzel Krenker, or Mimika, a widowed innkeeper, and their acquaintance grew into 17 years of friendship. Ljuba Prenner brought a new vibe into the social life of the rural inn, and it soon became her second home. Because of her masculine appearance, Mimika's daughters called Prenner Uncle. That is why the Ljuba Prenner Memorial Room is called Uncle's Room.

To honour the 100th anniversary of Prenner's birth, the memorial room was set up at the Bučinek Inn. The room is also used as a private room, catering for 8-10 people.

The Dr. Ljuba Prenner Memorial Room is set out as a photographic collection. Rich photographic materials present Prenner's life, her law practice and her writing career, as well as personal photographs of relatives and of her life in Vodriž.

Reproduced from: Koroška Regional Museum (www.kpm.si)