Leopold Suhodolčan was born in 1928 in Žiri. During his work at the Prevalje Primary School, where he first worked as a teacher and later as the headmaster, he founded and presided over the Reading Badge, which he co-created in 1961 with Stanko Kotnik and which then spread throughout Slovenia and its neighbouring countries.

Suhodolčan left the most profound mark in children's and young adult literature by making Peter Nos, Hlaček the Tailor, the Naočnik and Očalnik detectives, as well as his many others fictional characters famous throughout Slovenia and beyond.

Suhodolčan also wrote prose and theatre, radio, and television plays. His works have been translated into many foreign languages and have taken the Koroška-inspired stories beyond Koroška's boundaries, thus earning Suhodolčan many prizes.

Suhodolčan died in 1980 in Golnik and is buried in Prevalje.

The Leopold Suhodolčan Memorial Room is set up at the Dr. Franc Sušnik Koroška Central Library in Ravne na Koroškem. All original editions of his works, as well as reprints, translations, and other materials are kept there.

Leopold Suhodolčan's bust by Mirsad Begić is displayed at the memorial park in Prevalje.