Jakob Soklič was born in 1893 in Bled, and was the priest and dean of Slovenj Gradec from 1933 until his death in 1972. He was an amateur researcher of art history and a keen collector of different antiques. The local people often brought him many interesting objects themselves, explaining why most museum items have an interesting background story about how they reached Soklič, who was a committed and keen collector of material objects from the past.

Soklič liked to write, and he published his articles in the Review for History and Ethnography as well as the Art History Journal. Together with Josip Mravljak, a historian, Soklič was also writing a monograph on Slovenj Gradec, which was unfortunately never published due to all collected materials presumably destroyed by the Germans.

The collection comprises over 1,600 items of archaeological, ethnological, historical, and cultural heritage and art history. The collection was set up at Soklič's residence, on the second floor of the parish building at Trg Svobode Square in Slovenj Gradec, and was opened for visitors in 1937. The most attractive artworks of the collection are the paintings of Strauss, as well as numerous Gothic and Baroque statues of local sculptors.

The collection has been on display at the Koroška Regional Museum in Slovenj Gradec since 2013, and it will always bear Soklič's mark.

Reproduced from: Koroška Regional Museum (www.kpm.si)