Monsignor Fran Ksaver Meško was born in 1874 in Gornji Ključarovci near Ormož in a farmer's family. Meško studied theology in Klagenfurt and was then a curate and a priest in different places in Koroška. He died in 1964 in Slovenj Gradec and is buried in Sele.

Meško wrote poems, stories, novels, short stories, novelettes, dramas, and young-adult stories, with an apparent connection between his catholic mentality and the national-awakening features. His personal items, kept in his memorial room, include such items as his writing desk, a Slavic surka jacket, a walking stick, a bag, his death mask, parts of his library collection, as well as some examples of his published literary works.

To celebrate Meško and his frequent pilgrimages to churches and farmhouses around the hilly landscape of Koroška, the Meško Trail was set up and marked in his honour. The trail runs through forests and sloped meadows, offering stunning views. It leads from St. Rocco's Church in Sele, where Meško lived, to St. Agnes Church in Vrhe.

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