Maks Kunc (1930–1996), an outstanding nature photographer, became interested in photography in Canada, where he worked as a miner when he was a youngster. After returning to his hometown of Mežica, he started working in the local mine. Kunc started dedicating more time to photography and reading professional literature to further expand his knowledge of natural history. For more than 15 years, Kunc was systematically recording notes in the English language on the daily weather patterns, as well as his own findings on the flora and fauna according to different seasons and environments. His records and photographs contribute greatly to the study of the local flora and fauna.

Kunc was mostly interested in micro-photography of flora: the indigenous types of orchids, fungi, butterflies, insects and beetles, birds, amphibians and reptiles, as well as small mammals. Kunc limited his photographic study to the area of Mežica and the artificial lake by the Dravograd Hydroelectric Power Station.

Maks Kunc's photographs, photographic equipment and journals are displayed at the Podzemlje Pece Tourist Mine and Museum.