Anton Martin Slomšek was a priest, bishop, writer, teacher and composer. He was born in 1800 in Slom, near Ponikva. Even during his service as a spiritual leader in Klagenfurt (from 1829 to 1838) he was writing extensively, as well as collecting folk songs, organising Slovenian language courses, and writing sermons. He was speaking strongly in favour of the Slovenian language being used in schools. In 1838, he applied for an open position for a priest in Vuzenica. He dedicated most of his time to children, for whom he wrote his well-known textbook for Sunday school, titled "Blaže in Nežica v Nedeljski Šoli" (Blaže and Nežica in Sunday School). The book was reprinted and translated many times.

Slomšek's great national act was transferring the seat of the Lavantine diocese from Sankt Andrä (Šentandraž) to Maribor in 1859. With this act, Slomšek contributed to a greater territorial as well as spiritual wealth of Slovenia. In the same year, Slomšek founded a theological seminary, which was the first institution of higher education in Maribor, the predecessor of today's University of Maribor. Anton Martin Slomšek died in 1862 in Maribor.

A memorial museum was set up at the Vuzenica Parish House to present Slomšek's service at the Vuzenica Parish between the years of 1838 and 1844. The most beautiful room in the parish house is the former bishop's room, with a painted Baroque wooden ceiling from 1653. Visitors are mostly drawn to its numerous and varied themes from everyday life of the Baroque era. The room has been partially remodelled and is now used for chamber music events.

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