The Uršlja Gora Mountain is romantically rounded on the southern side and daringly rocky on the northern one but nevertheless allures all villagers from Koroška. 1699 metres above sea level, the subsidiary St. Ursula's Church adds a touch of mystique to the mountain by being the highest-lying church in Slovenia.

The construction of St. Ursula's Church began after 1570 and was finished at the end of the 16th century, in the time of Counter-Reformation. The church is the result of hard work and numerous donations by the local population, with the structure of St. Ursula's Church being an example of architectural symbiosis particularly of Gothic and Renaissance architecture principles.

The stories about how and why St. Ursula's Church was built are passed from generation to generation. One hint would be that St. Ursula's foot got stuck in a rock near the location of today's church, where the indentation can still be seen today. If you do not want your feet to ever hurt again, it is suggested that you stick your foot in the rock as well. A bit of caution is still advised, though, because the foot may not come out as easily as it got into the rock.

Reproduced from: Koroška Regional Museum (