St. Anne's Church and St. Wolfgang's Church from the late-Gothic 15th century stand over the village of Leše. The following is the legend that surrounds them.

According to the oral tradition, Leše had seen hardship when the Turks invaded Koroška. During the terrible fighting, the women, the elderly and the children would often run to the nearby St. Wolfgang's Church. When the Turkish troops were advancing in the vicinity of Leše, they saw the church on top of the hill. The Turks knew that Slovenian people liked to seek refuge in the House of God so they headed for the church. The church door was wide open, and huddled inside the Turks saw a frightened crowd of people, fervently praying for a miraculous solution. The Turkish commander wanted to enter the church to trample the crowd down with his horse, but then a miracle happened: the horse would not move. Despite being lashed, the horse only stepped on the threshold of the church, where the stone gave in under the horse's hooves. Witnessing this sight, the Turks became terribly frightened and ran away. The impression of the horse's hoof can still be seen on the threshold of the church.

Source: Javornik, S. (2002). Likovna Dediščina Cerkva Mežiške Doline. Ravne na Koroškem. 62-66. Reproduced from