The old timber-rafting tradition has been authentically preserved at the old timber-rafting quay in the village of Javnik, where the timber-rafting museum presents the history of timber rafting on the River Drava. The journey of raftsmen used to begin in Dravograd, where lied the boundary between the former Austro-Hungarian provinces of Koroška (Carinthia) and Štajerska (Styria), and finished at the final destinations in Belgrade in Serbia, as well as Hungary and Romania.

Everyday items from the life of raftsmen, photographic materials, and a display of the old living environment along the banks of the River Drava show visitors how exciting but also tiresome and often dangerous raftsmen's work was.

Tourists can go on a timber-rafting adventure along the River Drava, either in Javnik with the Dravski Splavarji Timber-Rafting Tourist Agency or in Gortina with the Koroški Splavarji Timber-Rafting Tourist Agency.