A permanent collection about the food culture of the people from the area of Libeliče is set up in the renovated old kitchen at the Libeliče Parish House. Visitors will experience a time when kitchens were still covered in black soot and smoke. The older inhabitants of Libeliče still remember the chimney-hearth and the open-hearth kitchens, as they were still in use in some places after World War II.

A reconstruction of an old parish kitchen with an open hearth, a brick oven, and various wooden kitchenware and pottery are on display in the former kitchen. Through these, you will learn about the traditional ways of preparing food in the area. More information, as well as recipes of the delicious dishes once prepared by the housewives of Libeliče can be found in the Libeliška Kuharica cookbook, subtitled "So You Won't Leave the Table Hungry". The subtitle speaks of the kindness and hospitality of the inhabitants of Libeliče.

Reproduced from: Koroška Regional Museum (