A permanent exhibition about how the miners used to live is on display at the Mežica Lead and Zinc Mine administration house, and is part of the Podzemlje Pece Tourist Mine and Museum.

The space where the exhibition is set up was used as lodging until recently. Visitors come in through the doorway and see what the bedroom and kitchen used to look like in the old mining days. The furnishings and the preserved objects show how a mining official's family used to live. Miners' clothing, washing items, a clock, a cross, kitchenware on a brick oven, a cradle, wardrobes, a masonry heater, curtains, and hand-made napkins give visitors a feel someone is still living in the lodging.

Mannequins of a miner official's family (a father, a mother, and two children) take visitors back in time to around 1940. The family are seen doing their everyday chores, and were created by Boni Čeh, an academic painter.