Arts and crafts have got a long tradition in Koroška, and have become strongly linked with the tourist offer as well. Craftsmen are beginning to work more closely with designers now, which is evident from the original and quality protocol and promotional products, as well as souvenirs available for purchase in tourist information centres, specialised shops, and sometimes at traditional regional arts and crafts fairs.

A national biennial exhibition of arts and crafts has been held in Slovenj Gradec since 1977. In 2012, craftsmen from 12 different countries from the European Union also presented their products alongside the Slovenian craftsmen. The Art@Craft Europe 2012 International Exhibition was organised as part of the DUO Kunsthandwerk project and the Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture title.

Although some crafts have nearly come out of use, more and more people, especially young adults, have been interested in modern craftsmanship, with their products representing the pinnacle of Slovenian creativity.

If you would like to take a special and unique souvenir home from Koroška, we recommend you visit one of the workshops of numerous craftsmen or take a course in craftsmanship. That way you can design your own souvenir or choose your favourite one among the many products of Koroška's craftsmen.

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