The Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts is a museum of modern visual arts. The gallery is continually developing the concepts of modern exhibitions, with emphasis put on the engaged artistic and visual uses. The continuing cultural tradition of Slovenj Gradec and the region gives the gallery its recognition in Slovenia and abroad. The specific collections of artistic creations from Koroška and beyond were obtained as gifts and legacy or were purchased. The collections are logically presented and complemented by newly acquired works, and special attention is paid to raising awareness of modern visual arts and intermedia art.

The first modern art exhibition in Slovenj Gradec was put on display in 1954. It was a design titled Švedska Kuhinja (The Swedish Kitchen). The Gallery was then founded in 1957, with its programme being designed by a group of young academically educated enthusiasts lead by Karel Pečko, a painter who was the director of the institution until his retirement in 1997.

Because of the efforts of the Gallery of Fine Arts, the town of Slovenj Gradec won the UN Peace Messenger City title. In 1997, the international exhibition titled "The Artist and the Urban Environment" brought together all peace messenger cities from around the world. Up to now, numerous exhibitions have been on display at the gallery, which enabled the local and the visiting curators to be up to date with the artistic developments at home and abroad.

On the Virtual Gallery web portal, Koroška's artists are presented digitally. 50 artists are currently listed, with their works, biographies, and short video presentations available on the website.

The permanent gallery collection comprises of artists associated with Koroška and Slovenj Gradec. A special point of reference for the collections is the artistic legacy of Jože Tisnikar (1928–1998). His expressionist imagery and the imagery of life and death are well-known at home and abroad. The result of his legacy is a homage to Tisnikar, a collection of works of local and foreign artists interested in the same theme.

A unit of the Gallery of Fine Arts is also in operation in Ravne na Koroškem.