Photographic and documentary materials, propaganda materials and other historic documents on display at the Libeliče Parish House will take you to the mid-19th century, when a systematic process of Germanisation of Carinthian Slovenians began. You will learn about the fighting for the Northern border and provided with information about the international negotiations on the fate of Koroška (Carinthia) at the Paris Peace Conference. The decision was made at the conference to allow the local inhabitants have a secret vote, or plebiscite, to decide which country they wished to live in.

The Klagenfurt Basin was divided into Zone A and Zone B for the purpose of the vote. On the 10th of October, after the plebiscite was unsuccessful and Yugoslavia lost both zone A and zone B territories, Libeliče became part of Austria. For the persistent inhabitants of Libeliče this was unacceptable, and after two years Libeliče was joined with the mother nation again.

Reproduced from: Koroška Regional Museum (