Visual Identity

Logos, designs, and messages are something we are nowadays faced with at every step, sight, or click. If a brand does not clearly define its brand positioning, brand story, logos, or other brand identity elements, it is in danger of soon becoming lost in the flood of all available information.

An umbrella brand was therefore developed as part of the Koroška Regional Destination Organisation project, providing Koroška as a tourist destination, its valleys, municipalities, settlements, and tourism products with better recognition in Slovenia and abroad.

By designing a modern visual identity as well as a brand identity manual, a common brand story was created, based on the connectedness of Koroška's valleys and stunning natural and other special features, the integrated tourism products, and also the people living in the region. Based on the fact that a group of people with a common goal can achieve more than individuals on their own, a new objective of the Koroška brand was developed. With the help of an extensive project team of experts and tourist workers throughout all the valleys and tourism sectors in the region, a brand story as a brand communication strategy of the modern Koroška brand was therefore designed. The visual identity and the brand identity manual are the tools which can be used by tourist workers in the region, as well as by anyone else, with the aim to uniformly present Koroška's tourism products and stunning natural and other special features in Slovenia and abroad. The brand identity manual comprises the Koroška brand identity, as well as recommendations on how to use the brand's designs, messages, and other brand identity elements.

The brand identity manual is available free of charge and can be used by anyone who represents Koroška through their products or services. No approval is required for the use of the logos, symbols, and messages, as these materials are free to use also for individuals and organisations which not based in Koroška but nevertheless represent the region outside its borders. It is required, however, to send the end products to or to RRA Koroška, Meža 10, 2370 Dravograd, Slovenia.

For an easier use of brand identity elements, as well as a source of inspiration when designing tourism products, the brand identity manual offers basic guidelines for using the Koroška brand. The guidelines and recommendations are designed to enable the users of the brand to form a connection with the Koroška brand identity. They also offer opportunities for creating various forms of tourism products, by providing logos,designs, photographs, and slogans for all types of advertisements, leaflets, and brochures, as well as providing suitable music for promotional CDs, events, or radio advertisements, and also materials for fairground presentations, etc. The common goal is to offer a unique experience of Koroška.

The Koroška brand represents all the people of Koroška. We should all therefore use it with pride, as well as with respect towards our region.