Črna na Koroškem
The municipality of Črna na Koroškem is a picturesque one. Its principal town, Črna, is known as the most beautiful tourist place in the Mežiška dolina valley, and it is famous for its traditional Tourist week of Koroška and the Snow castles for King Matjaž events. Črna's natural pearls are the wonderful alpine valleys of Topla, Koprivna and Bistra. The history of the oldest Slovenian lime-tree Najevska lipa at Ludranski Vrh above Črna goes back to the Turkish invasions of this country. There are also imaginatively arranged mining and ethnological collections in the centre of the town to remind us of the times gone by. In the town itself, there are ski slopes which are considered to be the cradle of some top Slovenian skiers, owing to whom Črna is known as “the village of the Olympians”.