The municipality is the geographical centre of three valleys: the Mežiška, the Mislinjska and the upper Dravska dolina valleys. Its principal town, Dravograd, has grown from an old market town under an ancient castle to a modern settlement, divided between the left and the right Drava banks. The town that once had a tollhouse later became the Drava navigation quay and afterwards a big railway crossing. In the Dravograd community there are many traces of history. Prominent rafters who nowadays transport tourists on the Drava, the famous Roman church of St. Vid in Dravograd, the remarkable Libeliče ossuary, the Dravograd museum collection recording the Nazi violence and the Bukovje mansion with exhibition on 1991 fights in Koroška are distinctive. The most interesting part of Dravograd’s landscape is the area of the Košenjak-Velka Regional park.