The history of Prevalje, is at the same time the history of ironwork, as the ironworks of this town was, until its abolishment, the most important in this part of Europe. The municipality is also pride itself with its rich cultural heritage, with Roman stones found in Zagrad, with two prodigious Gothic churches at Leše, with an exceptional technical monument – Štoparjev most bridge, with the fact that here once was the headquarters of the Society of St. Hermagoras (Mohorjeva družba) publishing company and with the idea of the Reading Badge which was born here. Tourists should not leave out visiting the tourist village of Šentanel and the scene of the last battles of World War II in Europe – Poljana and the Holmec border crossing where, in 1991, one of the most important battles of the independence war of Slovenia took place. In 2006 Prevalje was granted a town charter.