Ribnica na Pohorju

Ribnica na Pohorju, the principal town of a relatively new municipality, is a small clustered settlement on the north side of the Pohorje range. There was a Roman road leading from Slovenske Konjice through Ribnica to the Dravska dolina valley. The town is surrounded by vast and dark Pohorje woods, therefore people here have always been occupied with forestry and saw mills as well as stockbreeding. Ribnica today is an idyllic climate tourist village with apartments, ski slopes and well developed tourist farms. Ribnica also is a pleasant starting point for mountain paths towards Ribniška koča and Jezerski vrh. In Jospipdol, there is one of the first educational forest trails, Kapelvald, a treasure house of various tree species, where we get to know natural beauty, the importance of a forest, and the history and way of living in this part of Pohorje.