Swimming pool complex Aqualatio Slovenj Gradec

Swimming pool complex Aqualatio Slovenj Gradec

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Everybody can find something for themselves in Aqualatio, the new swimming pool complex.

During summertime visitors can enjoy in two different outdoor pools - one big swimming pool and a small, mini pool for the kids. Recreational areas with two trampolines are also available for all visitors, who can enjoy and test their acrobatic and sports skills. Indoors the complex offers a swimming pool with a bottom that can be lifted and is therefore suitable for swimming lessons for the youngest, who are getting to know the water as well as for adults with disabilities, who need a lower water level to move in the water.

Valle Divina, Mislinja

Alen Gros Slatinjek, nosilec dopolnilne dejavnosti na kmetiji

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In Gornji Dolič, we completely renovated one of the oldest wooden houses in Koroška, dating back to 1612. The house has tree apartments and a larger space for social events. Our farmhouse is located in an independent valley, the locals know it as Tiha dolina. Here you will find unspoilt nature, plenty of greenery, silence and peace. We named this valley Valle divina, which in direct translation means "divine valley".

Mučevo Via Ferrata

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There are two equipped, very demanding and secured climbing routes (via ferrata) in the torrential Mučevo gorge, both of which have steep and demanding sections, some of which are very exposed. The harder of the two (red) is rated as D, and E in some parts, while the easier (blue) is rated B and C here and there. Users of the trails take sole responsibility. The use of safety equipment is mandatory and instructions must be strictly adhered to.

Very demanding climbing route. Starting point: Žerjav.  Height: 150m Length: 250-350m Duration: 75-120min.

Cycling routes on Pohorje

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Explore Pohorje by bike and discover the wonders of Pohorje's attractions and its untamable nature. Enjoy riding along forest trails and roads in the embrace of Pohorje's forests. The pleasant temperatures and fresh mountain air ensure cycling and discovering the numerous attractions on Pohorje is a wonderful experience. Learn about the world of high marshes and plains, brooks with waterfalls and other natural gems. The main mountain bike connection is the Pohorje Cycling Route (PT), which runs along the ridge of Pohorje. Seven circular trails run along it, which are interconnectible between the main centres of Pohorje – Kope, Ribnica na Pohorju, Rogla, Trije kralji and Maribor Pohorje.

More info: https://www.pohorje-slovenija.si/kolesarjenje/kolesarske-poti

Black Peak E-bike, Ribniško Pohorje

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We at Black Peak e-bike offer a complete e-bike experience where you will explore nature like never before. With 500km of trails you will be able to enjoy discovering the best trails and local spots, you can either do this on yourself or with one of our professional guides. 

We offer rentals of:

- electric bikes Specialized

- all the necessary protective equipment 

- GPS device.

Guest can enjoy and choose from nine self-guided biking tours of different difficulties, with preloaded GPS coordinates for the routes and with all charging stations, mountain huts and local restaurants marked.

Pohorje Villa, Slovenj Gradec

Vila Pohorje, prenočišča, restavracija, picerija, kavarna

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The Pohorje Villa is located in the lovely atmosphere in the very centre of Slovenj Gradec. A space with a wonderful summer garden suitable for all passing-by travellers, accidental gatherings and relaxing chats, celebrations, business meetings and events.

You can indulge in the flavours of tradition, which developed and grew from the wonderful environment according to the recipes of our grandmothers, or enjoy the fresh flavours, new ideas and lovely service in a unique interior, which unites traditional and modern features.

Hiša med brezami (House among birch trees), Podvelka

Počitniška hiša

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The idyllic village of Kapla na Kozjaku invites you to a house among birch trees. The surroundings of this incredible region, with many footpaths in the forests and unforgettable views, are a paradise for hikers and cyclists. This holiday home is located only 1.5 kilometres from the Austrian border, where you can take a walk down the panoramic path along the border or explore the South Styrian Wine Road.

Taste Koroška

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We take old recipes, natural and homemade ingredients and upgrade them with a touch of modern and our dedication. Indulge in the richness of taste.

Natural, homemade, and traditional are the words we use to describe the culinary characteristics of the Koroška cuisine.

Isolated farms – celki

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The Koroška region is a special, original world with isolated farms scattered over the sunny high mountain range. The area stretching among Mt. Olševa, Dravsko Polje and the Austrian border is the largest area of isolated farms in Slovenia. The houses and their facilities on steep slopes are hurdled in crowds, which seem like small settlements under the tufted, shingle-covered roofs. Here, they are called celki.

Drava River

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Indulge in the flowing river and many other wonders of nature. Walking, fishing, rafting or cycling on its embankment – there are many opportunities for an active vacation and unique experiences in nature!

Rose Manor Rosenhof

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Rose Manor is the oldest house in Radlje – it was built in the 15th century. In the Middle Ages, the Rosenhof hosted counts who played important roles at the Habsburg Court, and in the beginning of the 19th century, it housed a school and a nursery.

Radlje Manor

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Today, the manor is a two-storey building shaped like the letter L and covered in brick pitched roof. The architectonical elements are redesigned while the first floor arcades in the northern tract are preserved. The entrance to the building is through a Renaissance portal made from sandstone dating back to 1666, which was most probably transported from the Radlje Monastery (with the coat-of-arms of the Mahrenberg Lords and the abbess of the Dominican Monastery – Marija Ivana Linzer) somewhere before or after WWII.

Active break in nature's embrace

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Nature’s treasures and the heritage of the past – breathtaking and inspirational. Welcome to Koroška where you can enjoy cycling and hiking experiences in the hills and valleys, explore the mysteries of the Peca underworld, and experience the river on a raft. Koroška invites you to a date with nature where you can explore the past in a creative way, every day of the year.

Povh Mill

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The “From Grain to Bread” collection demonstrates the procedure of grinding grains. Here, you can also see genuine mill stones.

Ironmaking Museum, Swaging Forge

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Walk into the blacksmith’s workshop of the former Ravne ironworks and enjoy the history of the steel industry with a centuries-old tradition.In 1994, the oldest preserved buildings at the location of the Ravne ironworks were declared a cultural monument: the swaging forge, the personal (a block of flats used to house workers), and the laboratory. The museum includes preserved devices and machinery (a mechanical hammer – repač, roller stands, crane, locomotive, various types of hammers, electric-arc furnace, etc.), a steam boiler from the brick factory near Ljubljana and a press from 1890 which was used in one of the factories in Maribor. The museum material and its interpretation include different products of ironworks, items from different fields of the life of ironworkers, documents and photographs. (summarised from: kpm.si)

Peca Underground Tourist Mine and Museum

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Between Mount Peca and Mount Uršlja Gora ore sites were discovered already by the Romans. The first written records on the exploitation of lead ore date back to 1665 which is the year we commemorate as the beginning of mining under Mount Peca. During the years of mining, mine workers made 1,000 km of mining tunnels in Mount Peca. After the mine was closed, one part has remained open for visitors who can experience it in an interesting way by riding a genuine mining train, exploring it on foot, riding mountain bikes in the tunnels and excavations, or using a kayak to row the submerged sections. Today, the Peca underground is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Karavanke UNESCO Global Geopark and provides unique underground adventures and experience.


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Ascend to the highest peak of the Koroška region! Mount Peca is a karst massif located on the eastern part of the Karavanke and the most eastern two-thousand metre mountain (2.125 m) in Slovenia. The extensive mountain range on the south side is bordered by the Topla Valley ( and the Mežica Valley, while the country border between Slovenia and Austria runs over the top. With its landscape gem of the Topla Valley and King Matjaž sleeping in its embrace Peca is considered a symbol of the Koroška region. It is also a great opportunity for observing the high mountain karst, traces of glacial activity and numerous animal and plant species.

Geopark Karavanke

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Discover the area of incredible geological and geomorphological heritage, as well as natural and cultural heritage. The central point of the cross-border UNESCO Geopark is the Peca Underground (Podzemlje Peca) in Mežica which holds the Information Centre, the mining museum, and the entrance to the abandoned mine, which can be experienced on foot, by bicycle or by kayak. The nearby history is suffused with the ironworks, mining or coal-mining tradition. Discover the Karavanke Geopark.


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The forests of Pohorje invite you to their lovely shadow in the summer heat or the embrace of a snow cover in a winter fairy-tale. Enthusiasts of non-asphalt surfaces can take their mountain bikes on diverse forest trails. The thick web of forest trails and cart tracks is not the only thing Pohorje can offer, as it also boasts numerous high marshes and plains, streams with waterfalls and other natural gems. Pohorje can be best explored on foot on longer or shorter hikes. Kope and Ribniško Pohorje are larger tourist centres on this side of Pohorje, which offer activities in all seasons. Discover Pohorje!


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Raduha (2.062 m) represents the most eastern part of the Savinja Alps ridge. The mountain is a limestone ridge, cut steeply in the wall in the north, which is a true paradise for Alpinists. Despite the larger part of the mountain lying beyond the Koroška region, the locals consider it to be their own.

Radlje ob Dravi water park

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Do you daydream of cooling down in the summer, carefree swimming among the water lilies, an escape from the everyday, unspoiled nature? It is this green experience that awaits you at the foot of the Pohorje! In Radlje ob Dravi, the first natural biological pool. Swimming in the water, which is cleaned by microorganisms instead of chemicals, is a rare experience these days. Besides, sleeping in small wooden houses, which were once used by millers on the Drava River, is also not an everyday experience. You have an opportunity to experience an unforgettable glamping adventure. Alongside the relaxation in nature you can indulge in adventures, which stimulate the heart rate. The lake has water slides for you to use, and an altitude adrenaline park, urban cycling park and other sports infrastructure are also located in the nearby surroundings. You can take a guided educational path and learn about the characteristics of the first biological pool in Slovenia, from its natural purifying system to its energy conservation and minimal effect on the green environment.


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Ascend to the top of Kobansko – an area in the Eastern Alps connected to the north with the vast mass of Golica in Austria. It got its name from former vast grasslands on the surface called košenice. The other name for it is Kokošnjak, which reminds locals of the two rare forest birds here; the wild rooster and the grouse, which have found a home in these forests. This is where you will find a diverse geological structure, from the oldest metamorphological rocks of about 500 million years to the younger ones, the sedimentary rocks, of only about 23 million years.

Uršlja gora

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Mount Uršlja Gora is known as one of the easiest to access. It is also a popular pilgrimage stop, since on its top you will find the Church of St. Ursula – the highest church in Slovenia. At the top of the 1,699-metre mountain you will experience wonderful views of the Mežica, Mislinja, Drava and Šaleška Valleys.

On the way, you can take a look at the Brančurnik sarcophagus, the Apohal Chapel, taste the spring water, step onto the stone steps of St. Ursula and indulge in the magnificent views from the top.


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Mount Olševa lying in the eastern Mežica-Solčava Karavanke ridge next to the Austrian border is 1,929 metres high at its highest point. Its ridge once divided the historical regions of Koroška and Štajerska. About 200 metres under the Obel Kamen peak, you can visit an excavation site from the Stone Age – Potočka Zijalka.


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More than 23 million years ago a volcano was active deep under the sea in the Smrekovec area. It produced large quantities of volcano ash, dust and lava. This created rocks such as andesite, tuff and tuffite, which can be found on your way to the top. The diverse rock foundation provided special conditions for the creation of life. In direct vicinity of the Dom na Smrekovcu cabin you will find the Karavanke Geopark interpretation spot, where you can see a film about the Smrekovec volcano, play and learn about the rock formation, learn new facts about trees, their age, the king of the forest – the wild rooster, and much more.

Mikl Eco and Tourist Farm, Prevalje

Marija, Stanko Kert

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How would you like to enjoy a homemade feast prepared in one of the first ecologically-oriented farms in Slovenia? The Mikl Farm serves hearty breakfasts and dinners, all according to the Koroška tradition.

You can choose from a wide selection of home-made products: vegetables, fruit, meat, cured meats, milk, cottage cheese, juices, jams, honey and bread from the wood-fired oven.

Kope ski resort

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The Kope Mountain and Tourism Centre lies in the farthest western part and the highest part of Pohorje above Slovenj Gradec, representing the central skiing and recreational centre of the Koroška region.

Besides the diverse sports on offer, the Kope slopes are famous for being the centre of entertainment in the Koroška region during the winter months.

Ribnica na Pohorju ski resort

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The Ribnica na Pohorju ski resort are located right in the centre of the Ribnica na Pohorju settlement, next to the new apartment housing, which pampers its visitors with top quality accommodation, diverse culinary options and numerous additional activities.

The Ribnica na Pohorju ski resort is located at the closest settlement under Črni Vrh with an altitude of 1,543 m – the highest peak of Pohorje. Diverse ski resort are appropriate for the youngest and for beginners, but also for the more demanding skiers and snowboarders, making it a perfect choice for families and outdoor school programmes.

Hober Boutique Hotel, Prevalje

Hober tourism

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Would you like to be close to nature but at the same time enjoy the comfort of being close to a good road network? Then Hober Boutique Hotel is the right place for you. It is situated in nature, close to mountains and open spaces for mountain biking, hiking or skiing. While you are there, you can also check out one of the local sights. Besides selecting your type of accommodation, you can also choose from the daily selection of home-made dishes and, of course, the a la carte menu – be it for family, business or various other celebrations.

Krivograd Guesthouse, Prevalje

Krivograd Guesthouse

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You will definitely recover your strength in the comfortable rooms of the Krivograd Guesthouse. Exploring the beautiful Koroška region is even more exciting if you treat your taste buds with a wide selection of their dishes.

Krivograd guesthouse prepares a real surprise of flavours with their unique combinations of ingredients. Their own cooking skills are supplemented by foreign chefs, who add a pinch of their secrets into the pot and offer only the best.

The guesthouse offers a wide selection of à la carte dishes and, if you let them know in advance, they can prepare old, original and homemade specialities from the Koroška region according to the recipes of the local grandmothers (also known as bice).

Lake Peak Apartments, Ribniško Pohorje

RBS Turizem, d.o.o.

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Lake Peak Apartments, Ribniško Pohorje are located in the beautiful picturesque town of Ribnica na Pohorju, surrounded by pristine forests with over 500 km of biking trails. Our mission is to create a well-being and fully immersive nature experience for all families and recreationists who value peace and active leisure. We are developing our destination for happy and relaxed guests, with the highest quality of relationships, products, and services. Our work is guiding the respect for nature and its positive energy.

Samec Tourist Farm, Slovenj Gradec

Kotnik Cvetka, dopolnilna dejavnost na kmetiji

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This village on a hill at 700 metres of altitude offers an unforgettable holiday for nature enthusiasts. Wonderful views of the surrounding hills stretch as far as eye can see. Owners Cvetka and Franček will be happy to share many interesting facts about this region.

Koželj Apartments, Ribnica na Pohorju

Koželj Apartments

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Koželj Apartments are located in an idyllic setting, in direct vicinity of the Ribnica na Pohorju ski slope, only 30 m from the foothill of the lower station on the slope and only 200 m from the centre of the settlement. Staying at the Koželj Apartments provides you direct access to the ski slope in the winter time, while in the summer, it serves as a great starting point for hiking and cycling tours, as well as other sports activities in the nearby surroundings.

Plaznik Tourist Farm, Črna na Koroškem

Plaznik Tourist Farm

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We can put it this way: excellent and homemade. The food they serve is almost all produced at the farm. Their delicacies include mostly cured meats, such as koroški želodec (belly), salami, cured chuck meat, bacon and other cured meats. And those who prefer dairy products must try their cottage cheese with pumpkin seed oil and onion as well as homemade sour milk. In the summer, you can enjoy various yoghurts and cheese with added walnuts, paprika, chive, oregano, etc. If you reserve in advance, they can prepare a delicious lunch with homemade ecological ingredients. The farm can welcome up to 60 people.

Viher House

Viher Tourist Farm

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This more than 500-year-old stone house was built on a rock. You can choose to stay in a comfortable apartment or sleep in a barn, on hay.

Slovenj Gradec Hostel

Javni zavod za turizem, šport, mladinske in socialne programe Spotur Slovenj Gradec

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The Hostel provides accommodation in contemporary furnished rooms. One of the apartments is adapted for disabled guests..

Slovenj Gradec Hotel

Vabo, d.o.o.

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Slovenj Gradec Hotel is located in the old city centre and it is suitable for those guests who want to stay in the centre of happening and have all the city privileges within reach.

Its accessibility makes it suitable for all daily business guests, visitors to the city, passers-by and athletes. The Slovenj Gradec General Hospital is located in direct vicinity of the hotel, which makes it a good choice for patients waiting for their appointments and their families.

Close the door to your room, relax and allow your mind to relax. Unwind in the Slovenj Gradec Hotel in the heart of the city.

Lukov Dom (Luka Restaurant), Mislinja

Vabo, d.o.o.

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The Luka restaurant will pamper you with freshly-prepared food, diverse choice and excellent quality. Something for everyone – for the biggest foodies, for those who are always in a hurry, and for special occasions in the company of your loved ones. The Luka restaurant seats up to 90 people and, in the summer, the glass garden is also available and can welcome up to 40.

Klevž Tourist Farm

Klevž Tourist Farm

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Along the road from Slovenj Gradec to Kope, you will find a tourist farm inviting you to take a break. Natural, traditional and homemade are the words visitors use to describe the food, which is prepared for their guests with great joy.

Kavalir, Črna na Koroškem

Texal d.o.o.

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Kavalir is located inside an old bourgeois house, in the centre of a small mountain village named Črna na Koroškem. The outside of the building blends well with the surrounding and the inside is simply breath-taking. You will be convinced by the elegance and comfort of luxuriously decorated rooms.

Rotovnik Plesnik Tourist Farm, Slovenj Gradec

Helena Rotovnik

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This family friendly farm is an excellent starting point for taking family trips. Nearby, we can find a number of regulated and marked cycling and hiking trails as well as sights. For those who enjoy winter sports, the Kope Ski Centre is located nearby.

The Rotovnik Plesnik Farm respects the culinary traditions of the region and the authentic koroška košta. They mostly serve seasonal food and use locally-grown ingredients. The farm has received the ecological farming certificate. They welcome you with homemade spirits or liqueurs. They also produce excellent apple juice, raspberry syrup, elderflower syrup, blackcurrant juice, cranberry juice, and cider. For breakfast, you can pamper yourself with a tasty homemade jam, or you can recuperate with a family lunch or homemade cured meat products.

Dom na Smrekovcu Hut

Planinsko društvo Črna na Koroškem

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For truly spectacular views all around, it is worth climbing to 1,377 metres of altitude, where you will find the Dom na Smrekovcu hut. The view from the hut spreads across the entire Šaleška Valley and a part of the Pohorje range, and in nice weather the view stretches all the way to Sljeme above Zagreb.

Pesnik Hut, Ribnica na Pohorju

Jurček Črešnar, s.p.

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The Pesnik Hut (1,101 m) stands on the grassy plain on Ribniško Pohorje. The hut offers beautiful views over the northern slopes of the forest-covered Pohorje, where your everyday thoughts will disappear, and you will indulge in peace and the charms of unspoiled nature.

Hiša Ančka, Slovenj Gradec

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Besides their traditional stews, Hiša Ančka (Ančka House) serves Italian food with a touch of home. The wide selection of homemade pasta and desserts pairs well with selected wines. They offer also more types of whiskeys. Additionally, they organise various culinary and theme events. Hiša Ančka is a proud member of the Slovenian culinary event "Teden Restavracij" (Restaurant Week), which promotes only the best cuisine in Slovenia.

Črna na Koroškem ski slope

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The Črna na Koroškem ski slope is located right in the centre of the settlement. Its one ski lift of 800 m in length, 15 ha of surfaces or 3 kilometres of slopes of different configurations create an experience suitable for all types of skiers.

The value of the slope is proven by the fact that several local skiers made their first turns here, such as the Olympic and world champion Tina Maze, and Katjuša Pušnik, Mitja Kunc and Aleš Gorza, who went on to become world-renowned competitors with wins in the World Cup.

Pri Vidi Gostilna, Ribnica na Pohorju

Gostilna pri Vidi

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The café offers excellent coffee, while the restaurant prepares a wide selection of dishes from the lunch menu, as well as other dishes upon prior reservation. The summer garden seats up to 50 people. They are particularly proud of their Sever Hall (Severjeva dvorana), which is suitable for various anniversaries and can accept up to 120 people.

Aunt Lena’s Farm, Ribnica na Pohorju

Urška Šantl Urh, nosilka dopolnilen dejavnosti na kmetiji

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If you swear by homemade food, Aunt Lena's Farm is something you simply must visit. They offer products made with love: jams, vinegars and teas. Everything that nature gifts them, they put in jars and prepare with love – carefully and according to the recipes of their grandmothers. You can try their delicacies at the farm, where you can also buy them and take them home.

Delalut Gostilna, Ravne na Koroškem

Delalut, d.o.o.

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The guesthouse is a proud holder of the Gostilna Slovenija brand and never ceases to surprise you with traditional dishes of the Koroška region. Soup noodles, ravioli, sweet and savoury štruklji, cheese and kvočevi nudlni, homemade pork cracklings, jams and juices and other dishes – all are home made according to the mysterious recipes of their ancestors. Their menu also includes game, fish, beefsteaks and other dishes, which will satisfy lovers of a more “cosmopolitan” taste.

Lešnik Tourist Farm, Slovenj Gradec

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This ecological tourist farm is proud of its wide selection of local dishes. They produce most of their products on their own. On their menu you will find seasonal vegetables, potatoes, meat and homemade cured meats. They mill the wheat on their own and bake bread in their bread oven. Hard-working bees from their own apiary produce homemade honey. Their stores for the winter – juices, various jams, compotes, sauerkraut – are all prepared at home. They also dry herbs and fruit for tea.

Their staff member Irma manages a group at the local elementary school, named Pohorski Kohi, who won the national championship in local cuisine with their bučna župa (pumpkin soup) and kvočevi nudlni.

Ribnica Restaurant, Ribnica na Pohorju

Leskteh, d.o.o.

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The Ribnica Restaurant is a post in the heart of Pohorje with a diverse selection of self-service lunch meals at the weekends and a daily selection of light meals during the week. The restaurant seats up to 120 people. It is located on the ground floor in direct vicinity of the Ribnica Ski Slope

Flavour is not born, it is created. They can also organise an unforgettable celebration of your wedding day, baptism, or other social events. With a diverse selection of homemade food, friendly staff and, of course, idyllic natural space (option of tent rental) they can help you make memories that last a lifetime.  

Murko Gostilna, Slovenj Gradec

Murko Gostilna, Cvetka Murko Hajtnik s.p.

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This gostilna is known for its hundred-year-old tradition. The current owner Cvetka welcomes you with open arms. With her family and a team of big-hearted caterers they prepare the best culinary experience. Everyone is welcome here – the passers-by as well as those who require more demanding business or protocol banquets, or a place to organise formal events.

Guests can enjoy dishes from their extensive menu – homemade dishes of the Koroška region, house specialities, fish dishes, excellent homemade lunches and the à la carte dishes.

Koroška Hiša Pri Lipi, Muta

Koroška Hiša Pri lipi, Helena Kresnik Pažek s.p.

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Koroška Hiša (Koroška House) has been awarded the title of Golden Pan (Zlata Ponev) as the best gostilna in the Koroška region. The restaurant serves local and house specialities, which were once prepared by the local grandmothers. The recipes are carefully selected, and so are the ingredients, which are mostly produced by the owners or on the surrounding eco-farms.

Kuf'r Pizzeria and Pub, Slovenj Gradec

Vabo, d.o.o.

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The Kuf’r Pizzeria and Pub was named after the Kuf’r Pub, which operated in Slovenj Gradec from 2003 to 2007. Everyone remembers it for its unforgettable parties and a pleasant atmosphere. The nostalgia is strong in the Vabo Company, and they decided to reopen Kuf’r, this time with an even better programme in the friendly atmosphere.

Krebs Gostilna, Mežica

Krebs Gostilna, Nataša Pratnekar s.p

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This gostilna with more than 50 years of tradition is located in the centre of Mežica. They prepare a daily selection of simpler dishes and pizzas and they gladly adapt to your wishes upon prior notification. A large parking space is available, even for buses.

Kope Restaurant and Holcer Pizzeria, Mislinja

Vabo, d.o.o.

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Grmovškov Dom cabin is located in the heart of Kope. This is where you can find all traditional, homemade dishes and desserts made according to the recipes of our grandmothers. This is an excellent refreshment point during a hike and other summer activities at Kope, since the access is very easy and it is located in the centre of the action.

Klančnik Farm

kmetija Klančnik

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How would you like to take a ride with a lovely tourist train to see well-bred game and a hunting cabin with more than 100 types of various stuffed animals? Besides that, they will also prepare a tasting of cured game meat and dairy products, as well as a warm meal or lunch if desired. You can also check out their interesting museum.

Marenberg Café, Radlje ob Dravi

Robert Potnik, s.p.

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In the town café, you can try the fresh-made local food and house desserts. The café is particularly charming due to its kind staff and location in the town centre. There is a lovely ambiance inside or in the covered summer terrace, where they serve fresh and à la carte dishes.

You can visit them during the daily light meal and lunch menu, when you can choose from various menus or select a dish to your taste. All this for incredibly acceptable prices. The afternoons and evenings are reserved for different specialities from their regular menu – fish dishes, pasta, salad plates and seasonal dishes. If you have a glass of selected wine to go with it, the culinary tale will be complete.

And to conclude, they will pamper you with the best coffee in town – Prestige Bar coffee.

Gajbica Pizzeria, Ravne na Koroškem

Gajbica Pizzeria, Sonja Štern s.p.

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No, in the Gajbica Pizzeria you will not be hungry. You can choose from different types of pizza, salads, meat and fish boards, daily fresh desserts and meals during workdays.

Gajbica can also prepare catering for events of up to 20 people. The covered terrace can welcome just over 30 people and the youngest can play on the grass playground next to the Pizzeria.

Senica4You, Črna na Koroškem

Slaščičarstvo, trgovina in gostinstvo, Bojana Senica s.p

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Enjoy a relaxing evening with different types of warm and cold refreshing beverages, as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Have a taste of their desserts, get your energy back with sandwiches, pizzas made by a Slovenian family business, burek and other dishes. In the summertime, they prepare special ice cream desserts, the renowned banana split and special ice cream spaghetti. They welcome up to 50 people upon prior arrangement.

Senica Café, Ravne na Koroškem

Slaščičarstvo, trgovina in gostinstvo, Bojana Senica s.p

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Come over and try their fresh-made desserts, cakes and other pastry. The Senica Café pampers you with various warm and cold refreshing beverages, as well as different non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. They will gladly prepare the excellent Hornig coffee for you and, in the summer, their homemade ice cream.

Punkt – Bistro and Café, Ravne na Koroškem

Vetter d.o.o.

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In the Koroška region, when you say burger, you only think of one place – Punkt in Kotlje. The first burger house in the Koroška region unites people of all generations. Besides their permanent menu of 15 burgers they also serve seasonal and occasional burgers, fried food, salads, snacks, desserts, menus for children, cocktails, 33 different types of beer, 11 different gins and just as many whiskeys.

Poseka ski slope

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The Poseka ski slope is located just above the town of Ravne na Koroškem. It is suitable for recreational skiing as well as trainings and competitions.

It is located in the vicinity of the Ravne na Koroškem Sports Centre. The slope is designed for recreational as well as competitive skiing, since it holds the FIS homologation for slalom.

Rimski vrelec ski slope in Kotlje

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This family friendly ski slope in Kotlje, by the foothills of Mount Uršlja Gora, is intended for beginners and less demanding skiers. It is well-known for its skiing and snowboarding school programmes, implemented successfully by the DR7 ski school, a member of the Slovenian Ski School Association.

The youngest can also use the low-rope tow.


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Vuzenica, the municipality seat, is a central settlement idyllically set on the right Drava embankment. It is known for being one of the oldest settlements in the Drava Valley. In the olden days, the timber rafters rafted their flosi (rafts), and the transporters happily loaded the timber on the embankment. It was very lively here during numerous fairs as well. The remains of the old castle and the parish church of St. Nicholas tell stories of its glory days. Anton Martin Slomšek, a poet and a national awakener, was the senior parish priest here. The autumn strolls in the neighbouring Dravče, Sv. Primož na Pohorju, Sv. Vid and Šentjanž nad Dravčami are also wonderful.

Slovenj Gradec

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Slovenj Gradec is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Mislinja Valley and the oldest town in the Koroška region, since it received its town rights in 1267 already. The location is pleasant because it is sheltered by Mount Uršlja Gora and the neighbouring Pohorje range, where the visitors are presented with lovely hiking and cycling routes, one of which is Štrekna – the cycling route following an abandoned railway. Nearby Kope is the central tourist and recreational centre in the Koroška region. The town is famous for its artists and a number of cultural and social events. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška (KGLU), the Koroška Regional Museum and the Hugo Wolf Museum are all worthy of your visit. The lively cultural activity has gained the town good recommendations as a destination – in 1989, the UN awarded the town with the eminent honourable title, the Peace Messenger City. Besides its numerous awards for orderliness, the town of Slovenj Gradec also received the title of a Green Tourist Destination.

Ribnica na Pohorju

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Ribnica na Pohorju is a small nucleated settlement on the northern edge of Pohorje. In the Roman era, the road from Slovenske Konjice to the Drava Valley was set up through Ribnica. Since this location is encircled with vast, dark Pohorje forests, the people here have been in the trade of forestry and sawmill industry as well as livestock breeding since long ago. Today, Ribnica na Pohorju is an idyllic tourist destination with apartments, ski slopes and tourist farms. It also serves as a great starting point for the mountain trail up to the Ribniška Koča cabin and the Jezerski Vrh peak. In Josipdol you will find one of the first forest educational paths Kapelvald, which is a true treasury of various tree species. This is where you can learn about the natural beauty, the importance of the forest as well as the area’s history and life in these parts of Pohorje.

Ravne na Koroškem

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Ravne na Koroškem is the largest town in the Koroška region, the town of ironworkers, the Forma Viva steel sculptures and rich literature. The rich funds of the Koroška Central Library speak of its cultural growth and the interesting museum collections tell the tale of the ironworks. The dwelling of the author Lovro Kuhar – Prežihov Voranc at Preški Vrh above Kotlje keeps the memory of his work alive. The town under the bushy Uršlja Gora has a sports centre with different halls, an Olympic and winter pool, an athletic stadium, a ski slope, a mountain bike park, a sauna, a gym and many playgrounds. The preserved technical heritage in the area of the Old Ironworks factory is a great starting point for the municipal cultural tourism.


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